7 Ways To Become An “Authority” Site by Troy Broussard

Troy Broussard of TopMarketingStrategies.com wrote a guest post at Ryan Lee’s site.  There’s some great info on how to build a good site post Google Panda, Penguin, and EMD.   I’m providing a summary here but you should check the article out for yourself.

With internet marketing, the things that sell and the things that are actually useful are not always the same thing.

Strategies Are Long-term, Tactics Are Short-Term.

In the past, marketers used a tactical approach by picking keyword specific domains.  Post Google EMD, this tactic is losing effectiveness.  A better strategy is to build your site around your brand.

Can you do both?  Yes. ” Build up your main strategic authority site as a branded domain and then, in time, add additional “tactical” feeder websites that are EMD’s targeting your main keywords.”

Forget Your Mini-site Strategy

“Google HATES these sites, HATES duplicate and spun content and is actively doing everything they can to take down … these sites and the SEO tactics that prop them up.”

Instead, become an authority site.  Authority sites are the top sites in almost every niche and sub-niche.

How Do You Become An Authority Site

  1. Be an authority
  2. Focus on large quality content
  3. Publish content frequently
  4. Find ways to creatively engage
  5. Be prolific
  6. Diversify your traffic
  7. Go where your readers are

Troy has about a paragraph on each of these bullet points.  You should check out the actual article.

Sounds Hard

It is, well at least its harder than the tactics that worked in the past.  It will take time, but anything worth achieving is.  Troy and his partner Mike have created a flagship product Building Authority Sites to help you.

This article was a good summary of what I have been learning at other places over the past few days and has set me up to take the next step forward.  For more on Panda and Penguin, check my earlier posts.


The Old Affiliate Marketing Advice Doesn’t Work Post Panda And Penguin

google_penguin_updateOver the past few days, I’ve been learning that a lot of the advice and programs I’ve used this year are outdated.  Post Panda/Penguin, the old affiliate marketing tactics no longer work: copying someone else’s content, throwing it up on a keyword rich domain, and posting a bunch of low quality articles with backlinks on the directories is getting shut down by Google.  And that’s a good thing!

Matt Carter of Matt’s Marketing Blog did a good in-depth webinar with Lisa Parmley of InLine SEO Systems discussing how to build quality sites that get consistently high search engine rankings.

And Jennifer Bourn of BournCreative has a nice blog post comparing a website blog to a standalone blog.

You can check my quick summary of Lisa’s webinar here, and Jennifer’s blog post here.

The bottom line is affiliate marketers have to do what we should have been doing all along – improving the conversation by sharing quality content that adds value.

(Note: You can see some of what I learned about good SEO in the previous paragraphs:

  • vary your keyword anchors and
  • link to internal content rather than duplicate it

In the future, I believe success will rely on marketers voluntarily doing good SEO for each other, as you can see above.  I linked to Matt’s and Jennifer’s content with unique keyword anchors.  I don’t get anything out of this, I’m not an affiliate for either one.  It is just quality content that I think should be shared.  This helps build Matt and Jennifer’s brand and keep their site’s Google Penguin friendly.

I linked to other blog posts on this website rather than try to stuff this article with a bunch of duplicate keyword search friendly content.  This helps me stay on the good side of Google Panda.)

So if providing good quality content that adds to the conversation is the way to go, my next question was how do I do that in my niche where I am not an authority?

That is the subject of my next post.

SEO Survival Webinar Review

Here is my quick review of the SEO Survival Webinar with Lisa Parmley of InLine SEO Systems.  Check it out for some really good info about Google’s Panda, Penguin, and EMD updates and how to do good quality SEO that will get you ranked consistently high.

Check out the complete webinar at Matt’s Marketing Blog.