generating activity

Generating activity.  Getting a lot done but it’s not focused, it’s not directly leading to sales.

I’ve been renting this office for a week and a half and I haven’t been doing what I thought would be one of my critical activities – using CrowdForce or some other method to interact with people.

(Note: It’s interesting.  I wanted to add lead to sales on that previous sentence but I resisted it.  Could be a block.)

So far what I liken my activity is pulling weeds.  I have neglected my properties for so long that they are over grown.  Does it make sense to pull the weeds and get the soil in order before I start planting?

As I wrote that I thought, you know what makes sense is to get one corner of the lot in order, begin planting there, and then work on the next corner of the lot.  This would stagger when the crops come to harvest.

In a way I have been trying to do that.  Roni’s Closet is the property that has the most activity so I spent most of the first week here in my office working on that property.  And it actually could have led to revenue.  Veronica was showing if off at work and one of her co-workers wanted me to build a site for her.  I didn’t do it because I’m not a professional at this and I don’t want to charge someone money if I’m not positive I can provide a good value for them.  Also I don’t want to water down my efforts with my internet properties any more than I already am.

This week I have been focusing more on Just Like Heaven OC.  Monday I started off a little slow and unfocused.  During my Prosperity and Gratitude Walk I got an idea that was really worth following up on.  I started to execute it but it didn’t flow as easily as I expected.  No problem.  I’m getting better every day.

I also realized that I wanted to set goals with each of my properties but I never really did it.  I decided my goal with JLH is to earn enough to get Meet and Greet tickets to The Cult show on Dec. 21.  So I wanted to write a post about setting this goal for Scaling City Walls.  That post has taken me two days already.  Not the entire time, but longer than I was expecting.

My mood has also been all over the place.  On the way home last night I was in a good mood (felt like I generated a lot of activity and came up with the pulling weeds analogy) but when I got home Veronica was in a bad mood.  We are both tired, haven’t been getting enough sleep, and she worked both jobs yesterday.  Her bad mood put me in a bad mood.  It didn’t make sense.  She wasn’t in that bad of a mood and her bad moods aren’t that bad.

So I’m thinking I need to do more with my audio entrainment to help keep my attitude positive.  I’m going to take some time this morning to go over the The Morry Method materials I downloaded earlier in the week.  This is also affiliate research because I would like to convert my procrastination sites to audio entrainment sites.