PagePress App, I Love It So Far!

I just inserted the PagePress App onto my Brain Bucket Marketing Facebook Page, and I love it!  It was easy to install, it does what it says, and its FREE!  What a breath of fresh air.  Lately, that has not been my experience with my sites. 😦

So what does PagePress do?

It’s pretty simple.  PagePress installs a tab on your Facebook Page.  You tell PagePress the URL of the blog you want and its done.  It was just about that easy.

Here’s The Step By Step

Go to the PagePress website.  Click – Start Here

Log in to your Facebook Profile if you haven’t already.

Tell PagePress which Page you want to install the app on.

Choose PagePress.

Click Install.  PagePress will automatically One-Click Install 🙂

Choose your FanPage Category.

Add the URL of the blog you want on your tab.

Choose how many words the blog excerpts should be.

Choose how many posts you want on your tab.

That’s it your done!

There is a fourth step where you can add post status updates to your wall as well.  This would require you to install a plugin on your WordPress site and since Publicize is already doing that for me along with Twitter as well, I decided to skip that step.  But there is also the option on Step 4 to input your ClickBank ID and code is automatically inserted into your install so that you get a 50% commission if somebody you refer upgrades.  Upgrades are $10 for the year so that was a nice touch but its not going to make a living for anyone promoting it.

Overall though, I was very impressed with the entire process and I will be checking out PagePress’ other products.