Blog: Website Page or Stand Alone?

Should My Blog Be Part Of My Website Or Should It Stand Alone? |.

Good article here by Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative.  I’m going to highlight the SEO aspects of the article here.

The Website Blog

  • hosting the blog on your website reinforces, not only your brand, but your URL by building backlinks as people share your content
  • each blog post grows your website by one page, and each page creates new opportunities for your audience to find you and connect with you

The Stand Alone Blog

  • stand alone blogs typically use the home page for new posts.  This means your home page will constantly be updated with new content which is good for SEO since the home page carries the most weight in your rankings and is often the first page indexed.
  • a separate blog gives you the ability to show up twice in the search rankings
  • a separate blog can focus on a single topic or niche and you can dominate the rankings for specific keyphrases
  • links from your blog can help build your website

My Take: Im using a hybrid approach.  I’m going to start off with the blog on my websites so that I can build momentum.  Full articles are going to appear on the website/blogs and I’m using a Web 2.o blog to post a summarized version of the article which allows me to appeal to a different type of reader and provide back links.

For good advice on how to do SEO post Panda/Penguin/EMD, check out the in-depth webinar with Lisa Parmley at Matt’s Marketing Blog.

For a quick 10 minute review of the webinar, check out my video on this blog or at my Facebook Page.


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